Digital solutions to empower Family Doctors in UAE

Digital Clinical Data and the Internet of Things

Clinical Data and the Internet of Things adopted to ease patient demand on GPs, the director of the Vinci Solutions has said.

Everyone deserves to have Family Doctor who are trained in preventive medicine and taking care for the whole family from infant to elderly age and with a variety of medical conditions including chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, and heart disease and also advising on vaccinations and screening.

Nationwide Smarter Solutions and Virtual Doctor

To make this happen nationwide smarter solutions like digital services and remote monitoring need to be taken advantage of. 

This is also in time when the average wait for a routine GP’s appointment and to see specialist is increasing.

AVA Doctor Online Doctor Services

AVA Doctor is as a set of wearable and portable devices along with a holistic digital platform of services designed for hospitals and clinics that helps to continuously monitor vital signs, something that only healthcare professionals used to be able to do. AVA Doctor has delivered a strong digital foundation that:

  • Captures the wealth of digital health data and
  • Provides a true ecosystem of innovation such as virtualized care venues and family doctors.

For patients, AVA Doctor means wearing smart devices or portable equipment which transfer the data to their Family Medicine Doctor and seeing their regular GP or a specialist on their phone, tablet or computer, anytime and anywhere.

For doctors, it means be able to see the data instantly, advise on the course of the treatment or in emergency therefore essentially supporting patients with busy lives or barriers to access, and easing the burden off surgeries by deploying digital workforce.

AVA Doctor provides clinical decision support, that is with instant, frequent data presented in rich charts. The doctors receive an alert in the event of potential adverse medication interaction or emergency.

With such platform closed-loop medication and outcome prediction are to be the next steps when the hospitals can track medication from prescription to administration by smart medical devices in real-time and predict the success rate of a procedure for a given patient in real-time using science-based surveys.