Vital Signs Bracelet

Sensor:3 axis acceleration sensor
Operation:One touch key
System:iOS 8.0+, Android 4.4
Battery:polymer lithium battery
Standby time:10-15 days
Screen:0.66 inch OLED
Heart Rate
Heart Rate
Heart Beats per minute
Heart Oxygen
Heart Oxygen
Oxygen in red blood cells
Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure
Pressure of circulating blood
Daily Steps & Distance
(km, miles)
Daily calories spent
Sleeping Hours
Sleeping Hours
Deep and Light Sleep
(hours, min)
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Why AVA Doctor?

AVA Doctor brings an automated method of collecting vital signs and essentially helping both patient and the doctors to address the issue at earliest. AVA Doctor is the wearable bracelet that can be given to the patient by hospital at emergency point, check-in point and/or for outpatient home treatment to collect the vital signs such as blood pressure, and heart beat/oxygen rates and instantly transfer these data over the internet to the cloud and then to the doctors, paramedic, nurses and patient using mobile or web applications.

AVA Doctor is an enterprise product which serve professional healthcare entities such as hospitals, clinics, pediatrics and pharmacies. Since it has features to connect patient and doctor in real-time, allow patient to share the data with the doctor and allow doctors to discuss issue in the forum, the resolution and help to the patient will arrive faster and with high quality which will save many lives.

AVA Doctor product largely enhances the current hospital’s emergency operations, surgery’s preparation and procedures and medical prescription. The doctors can instantly monitor the vital signs data at the required frequency through variety of channels, one of which smartphone, and therefore provide world-class services to their patients in case of emergency, during the surgery and / or other treatment.